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Our Story

Chronicle Univin’s Journey

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. With a work ethos firmly set on this progressive path, Univin Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. was launched in the year 2018 as the brainchild of a team of young Indian entrepreneurs with a robust collective understanding of India’s FMCG market.

Our unanimous vision: to leave an illustrious mark on India’s FMCG horizon, and create a special place in the heart of the snack-loving Indian consumers.

Boasting a delightful range of flavoured snacks with popular western and eastern influences, Univin Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. is a proud entrepreneurial startup with strong desi roots in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

As part of its first line of products, Univin is proud to launch Zooper - a delicious range of High-Quality, Ready-to-Eat Snack that are Hygienically Processed, Highly-Safe for Consumption and Lip-Smackingly Tasty for children and adults alike. As a consumer product brand, committed to serving the diverse emerging taste buds of Indian consumers, our product development process remains front of the curve researching, listening and observing popular food and snack trends across demographics.

In future, our range of products will continue to expand to match the tasteful expectations of various segments of our society.

Best Food Technology at Work

Univin employs state-of-the-art technology to produce high-quality, ready-to-eat snacks and savories. From sourcing the finest quality raw material to hygienically converting them into tasty finished products, every production process conforms to FSSAI’ policies and norms.

Proper mechanized packaging ensures human touch is avoided to guarantee superior hygiene.

At Univin, we constantly strive to upgrade our technological strength and marketing capabilities with the latest machinery and processes.

Every care is taken to ensure that our products retain their freshness and flavour throughout their shelf-life.

The Brand That Personifies Consumer Trust

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